Materials analysis service for industry and R&D.

With a highly experienced team and sophisticated equipment, we provide a precise solution to the analytical problems of solid materials, particularly in the semiconductor field.

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An analysis process at the service of research and development.

Our analysis service is widely and successfully applied to the characterization of Si and compound semiconductors, hard disks and their related materials : metal and dielectric films.

The analysis data such as dopant impurity concentrations, layers thickness, composition and interface quality are directly used for calibration and optimization, wafer control and failure analysis in different stages of the technology process to enhance the production yield and to reduce the R&D cycle timer.

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With an extensive range of analysis tools at our disposal (SIMS, XPS, CV profiler, TOF-SIMS, RBS, FIB-TEM), we evaluate your issues and we suggest the most suitable solutions to provide the information you need : doping profiles, impurities presence and concentration, matrix composition, layers thicknesses, interface quality and interdiffusion, doping uniformity, …